Managing your Vendors
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Managing your Vendors

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What is a Vendor Account

Manatal's Vendor Account is a feature specifically designed for companies working with Recruitment, Employment or Staffing Agencies (Vendors) to collaborate with them on Manatal.

  • Create multiple Vendors and provide them with limited access to your Vendor Portal.
  • Share a specific jobs with each of your vendors.
  • Vendors can submit candidates to shared jobs.
  • Collaborate with your Vendors (file sharing & event scheduling).
  • Track your Vendors' performance.

To use vendor management system, please activate the feature by following these instructions.

How to Create a Vendor Account

Upon the completion of creating a vendor account, you will be able to add users under that vendor account.

Here are the steps to create a Vendor Account:

  1. Click on the "Vendors" icon on the side menu.

  2. Click on the "+".
    Vendor Account 5

  3. Fill in the fields, add a logo if desired and click "Save".


This step will only create the vendor within your Manatal account. In order to invite the vendor via email, please refer to the step below.


Invite your Vendor to Manatal

Once your vendor has been invited, he will be able to access the Vendor Portal and view the jobs that have been assigned to him.
You can share this article with your vendor. It contains everything your vendors need to know to collaborate with you on Manatal.

  1. Click on the "Vendors" icon on the side menu.

  2. Click on the Vendor Account of which you wish to invite a new user.
    Vendor Account 7

  3. Click on "Add User".
    Vendor Account 8

  4. Fill in the fields and click "Save". An invitation email will be automatically sent to your vendor. They will be able to set up their account, invite other users from their company and work on the jobs you assign them.
    Vendor Account 9

Invite your Vendor to work on a specific job

  1. Click on the "Vendors" icon on the side menu.

  2. Select the vendor with whom you want to share a job.
    Vendor Account 7

  3. Click on "Submit Jobs".
    Vendor Account 10

  4. Click on "+" next to all the jobs you wish to share with your vendor.
    Vendor Account 11

Vendor Settings Page

For each vendor account you have the option to customize which information the vendor has access to.

  1. Click on the "Vendors" icon on the side menu.

  2. Select the vendor whose settings you want to change.
    Vendor Account 7

  3. Click on the "Settings" tab.
    Vendor Account 12

  4. On this tab, you can tweak the options as explained below:
    Vendor Account 13

Candidate Status View: Choose how to display the candidate status for this vendor:

  • Pipeline View: This vendor can see the stage that each candidate he submitted has reached in the pipeline.

Vendor Account 14

  • List View: The vendor can only see the status of each candidate he submitted (Status: In Pipeline, Dropped or Hired).

Vendor Account 15

Drop reason settings: Choose whether or not to share the reason why a candidate was dropped with the vendor that submitted them.

Delete vendor: Deleting this vendor will result in:

  • Permanent deletion of all jobs submitted to this vendor: The vendor will no longer have access to the submitted jobs and will no longer be able to submit candidates to you.
  • Permanent deletion of the source of the candidates submitted by this vendor: You will lose the tracking information regarding the candidates submitted by this vendor.

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