Candidate Folders
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Candidate Folders

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What are Candidate Folders

Folders are an organizational tool that helps with sorting candidates within the database. It is possible to create an unlimited number of folders and add, remove, or transfer candidates from each of them.

  1. Click on the "Candidates" menu.
    Candidate Folders 1

  2. Click on the "Folder" tab.
    Candidate Folders 2

Creating a New Folder

  1. From the Folder tab, click on "Add Folder".
    Candidate Folders 3

  2. Enter the folder's name and a brief description and then click "Save". Your newly created folder will now be available on the "Folder" tab within the "Candidates" menu.
    Candidate Folders 4

Adding a Candidate to a Folder

  1. From a candidate's page, click on the "three-dots" icon.
    Candidate Folders 5

  2. Click on "Add to Folder".
    Candidate Folders 6

  3. Click on the "+" icon next to the folder to which you want to add the candidate. Once completed, you can access the folder and verify that the candidate transfer was successful.
    Candidate Folders 7

Sharing a Folder with another User

  1. From any Folder, click on the "3-dots" next to the title of the folder.
    Candidate Folders 10

  2. Click on "Share" from the dropdown menu.
    Candidate Folders 11

  3. Share access to the folder to users by clicking on the "+" icon next to the users name.
    Candidate Folders 12

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