Referral Page
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Referral Page

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Article Summary

Manatal offers a dedicated page to view, manage and export referrers and referred candidates from your career page and other channels.


To use the referral management system, please activate the feature by following these instructions.

Referrals Page Overview

The referrals page contains two subtabs:

  • Referrers: Create, modify and delete referrers. People who refer candidates from your career page will automatically be created in this tab.
  • Candidates: View information of all referred candidates. Candidates referred from your career page will automatically be added in this tab.

How to Add a Referrer

  1. From the Referers tab, click on "Add Referrer".
    Referral Menu 3

  2. Fill in the fields and click "Save". That's it you have created a Referrer.
    Referral Menu 4

Referral Menu 5

Mark a Candidate as a Referral

  1. From the profile of the candidate you wish to mark as a referral, click on the edit icon next to the "Source" field.
    Referral Menu 6

  2. Select "Referred" from the first field, and enter the name of the referrer (the referrer must have been added as explained here). Click "Save".
    Referral Menu 7

  3. The referred candidate will now be visible from the "Candidates" tab in the "Referrals" menu.
    Referral Menu 8

Export Referred Candidates

From the "Referral" menu, refer to the instructions in this article.

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