Data Import
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Data Import

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This can only be done by an Admin.

Manatal allows the mass creation of candidates, organizations (clients/departments), contacts, jobs and matches through the import of CSV or JSON files. This can be particularly useful when performing a data migration to Manatal for example.


Setting up your new Manatal account? Here's our suggested order for importing your data. This sequence ensures a seamless transition with all data properly interconnected.

  1. Organizations (Clients/Departments): Kickstart your migration with organizations. This is the bedrock of your data as they don't rely on other data components.
  2. Candidates: Next, it's time to import your candidates. Just like organizations, these elements don't depend on any other objects.
  3. Jobs or Contacts: With organizations and candidates in place, you're ready to introduce jobs or contacts to your system. Remember, these entities must be linked to an existing organization.
  4. Matches: Now that candidates and jobs are on board, start importing matches. Think of matches as the connectors between a candidate and a job.
  5. Resumes & Attachments: Finally, bring in the resumes and attachments. To ensure a smooth mapping, you need to have their corresponding entities (organizations, candidates, and jobs) pre-existing in the account.

By following this sequence, you'll set up your Manatal account effortlessly and enjoy a data-rich experience right from the get-go!

Refer to the following articles for each type of data import:

  1. Candidates Data Import
  2. Contacts Data Import
  3. Organizations Data Import
  4. Jobs Data Import
  5. Matches Data Import
  6. Resumes Data Import

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