What is a Job
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What is a Job

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What is a Job

A Job represents a new job opening, an open position or vacancy listing.
For Recruitment Agencies, creating a new job relies on receiving a new position description and recruitment request from your client. As for Company / Corporate, a job represents an opening in your company.

How to Create a Job

  1. From any page, click on the "+" icon, then on "Create a Job" from the dropdown menu.
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  2. Click on "Complete a Form". To create a job using a template please refer to this article.

  3. Fill in the fields and click "Continue" to complete the creation of the job. By entering the name of an organization that doesn't yet exist in your account, you will be offered the option to create that organization.
    The job pipeline allows you to assign a custom pipeline to new jobs. Note that once a job is created, the pipeline that was assigned to that job cannot be modified. Refer to this article for more information on how to create and manage custom job pipelines.

Access the Jobs Overview Page

  1. Click on "Jobs" on the side menu.
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This page displays an overview of all the Jobs you have access to. This includes jobs you own and jobs to which you were added as a team member. Refer to this article for more information about Job ownership & team settings.
If you have Admin access level, you will be able to view all the Jobs created under your company's account.

Jobs Overview Page

On the jobs overview page, you have access to a variety of functions / options:

  1. Create a new Job: Another method to create a new job vacancy.
  2. Job Title: Click to access the decicated page for the job.
  3. Quick Preview: Access a compact quick view of the job.
  4. Three-Dots: Dropdown menu that allows users to edit or archive the job. This can only be used by the job owner or an admin. If you are using Manatal's career page, there is also the option to publish or unpublish the job.
  5. Published on Career Page: Indicates whether the job is published on your career page: red = not published & green = published.
  6. Job Board / List Switch: Switch from Board to list view. The Board view allows for easier visualization of where your jobs are on the pipeline stages. See this article for more information on the Job Board view.
  7. Filters: Filter Jobs by name, Organization (Client/Department), stage, owner,...
  8. Actions: Edit the columns or export matches.

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