Manage your Clients
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Manage your Clients

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Manatal includes a full set of recruitment CRM tools (customer relationship management) allowing headhunting, recruitment and staffing agencies to manage and communicate with their prospects and existing clients.

  • This is only available for companies running the Recruitment Agency version of Manatal and is not available for companies under the Company / Corporate accounts. Read more about different account types here.

Create a Client

If your company is under the "Agency" setting, all organizations are treated as clients. To create a new client simply follow these steps.

Manage your Client Pipeline

Manatal offers a board view in which clients can be moved by dragging and dropping them through customizable stages.


To customize your clients pipeline, the Admin of your account can follow these instructions.

To access your client pipeline:

  1. Click on "Clients" in the side menu.
    Pipeline of your Organizations 1

  2. Click on "Board". From here you can drag and drop clients from one stage to another within the pipeline.
    Pipeline of your Organizations 2

Manage, Communicate and Collaborate with your Client's

It is possible to add contacts and guests within each of your clients, allowing you to keep track of key stakeholders, and additionally to communicate and collaborate with them directly within Manatal.

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